Diabetes Quiz


Master BuildersThis quiz will guide you through a series of questions to help assess your diabetes knowledge.

What is diabetes?

There are two dominant forms of diabetes, Type 1 and Type 2. Which of these statements is not true?

How is Type 1 diabetes usually treated?

How many people (approx.) in New Zealand are currently diagnosed with diabetes of some form?

True or false – men and women in New Zealand have the same rates of  diabetes?

Many people can show signs of high blood sugar levels, but not high enough to be called diabetes. This is called prediabetes. The number of people with prediabetes is?

Can prediabetes be cured?

What is a HbA1c test and why is it important?

Diabetes causes many other issues for our bodies. What are the main problems it can lead to?

What do you think are the best actions you can take to avoid developing diabetes?

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