Gut Quiz


Master BuildersThis quiz will guide you through a series of questions to help assess your knowledge about Your Gut.

Up until the 1930’s stomach cancer was the leading cause of cancer deaths and today it’s eighth.  What is credited with the change?

How big is our gut?  We know the gut is nine metres long but if fully unfolded how big a space would it cover?

If you’ve eaten too quickly, feel awful and want to speed up digestion what should you do?

One less savoury aspect of our gut is wind.  But its commonly held that men produce more offensive wind than woman

Stomach acid is so powerful it can burn the skin so why doesn’t it harm the stomach?

Why is stress a threat to the gut?

Our gut is chockfull of bacteria, all which are there for a reason. For every gram of intestinal content how many bacteria do you think there are?

What is peristalsis?

How long does food take to pass through our gut after we have eaten?

Why is it recommended that you eat something when you are drinking alcohol?

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