Heart & Stroke Quiz


Master BuildersThis quiz will guide you through a series of questions to help assess your heart and stroke knowledge.

Most animals as well as humans have a heart to circulate blood and nutrients around their bodies. Which of these has the biggest heart?

Our hearts crank it out every minute of every day for as long as we live. How many times roughly do you think our hearts beat in a single day?

The heart is an incredibly efficient pump.  Over your lifetime how many barrels of blood (as in barrels of oil) do you think our heart can pump?

What foods or eating practices are considered good for the heart or can help to reduce your risk of heart disease?

Men and women have been found to have different heart rates. Who’s hearts beat faster?

What is your blood pressure and why is it important?

A heart attack is most commonly caused by?

Cholesterol is made in our livers and is vital for building cells and making some hormones including testosterone. Which of these is true?

What is the difference between a heart attack and a stroke?

What signs can tell you that someone is possibly having a stroke?

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The average score is 71%